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Talking About Movies

  1. Extra, extra

    Frank Beaver examines Hollywood’s fascination with media moguls.

  2. Hollywood reporter

    Stop the presses: Frank Beaver takes a look at movies about the media.

  3. Dramatic license

    From grace to gaffe, Frank Beaver finds drama is alive and well in the Academy.

  4. She's a brainiac

    Frank Beaver celebrates the hidden figures and female ‘brains’ rarely seen on screen.

  5. Memorable moments: 2016

    Frank Beaver showcases some of his favorite films from the holiday season.

  6. Gimme Danger

    Frank Beaver embraces a lust for life in new Iggy doc by Jim Jarmush.

  7. Gene Wilder: His search for art

    Frank Beaver combs through Wilder’s 2005 memoir and reflects on the artist’s legacy.

  8. Mondo Italiano

    It’s been 50 years since Michelangelo Antonioni challenged audiences with his abstract film “Blow-Up.”

  9. The Lyric

    A classic movie house in Harbor Springs, Mich., is reborn, thanks to film fan Roger Blaser, BGS ’70.