Talking About Movies

  1. Time to get serious

    ’Tis the season for “elevated film fare” as Hollywood amps up the awards buzz. But what to watch?

  2. Casting call

    Frank Beaver ponders the artful intersection of film casting and film performance.

  3. Mother of invention

    Frank Beaver recalls the pre-digital, spring-loaded era of film studies in the Frieze Building.

  4. Summer jazz fest

    Celebrate the remastered classic “Syncopation,” featuring Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, and more.

  5. Coveting the cult classic

    Frank Beaver revisits “Blade Runner” in this ode to some perennial film favorites.

  6. Five came back

    Frank Beaver looks at five war-time directors who used film to influence public opinion.

  7. Take that!

    “The Sound of Mucus?” Frank Beaver revisits bad reviews of some beloved classics.

  8. A film that won't go away

    Frank Beaver examines the long political reach of “The Birth of a Nation.”

  9. Show, don't tell

    From “brocom” to “bullet-time effect,” Frank Beaver is here to test your cinematic vocabulary.