Talking About Movies

  1. Iconic athletes on film

    From Wolverines Tom Harmon to Billy Taylor, Michigan athletes make good celluloid sense.

  2. A novel exercise

    Translating a book from page to screen is a unique challenge, especially when it’s Leo Tolstoy’s classic, Anna Karenina.

  3. How a little Italian film made U.S. history

    Free speech in American cinema came by way of an unlikely ally: Italy’s Roberto Rossellini.

  4. Not just a face in the crowd

    The late Andy Griffith is best known for TV work. But his film debut remains a timeless—and timely—gem.

  5. Winning ticket

    In politics, truth often is stranger than fiction. Electioneering makes for good Hollywood fodder as a result.

  6. Going for the gold in mind control

    For Adolf Hitler, the Olympics in Berlin was an ideal playing field for pre-World War II propaganda.

  7. Icons 101: A screenwriter's path to pop culture history

    Discover the U-M ties that bind Bonnie and Clyde to Superman and Streisand.

  8. Titanic undertaking

    Explore this doomed ship’s cinematic voyage from silent short to 3-D blockbuster.

  9. London calling

    U.K. dispatch brings news of American classics and foreign gems.