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Talking About Movies

  1. The King's Speech

    A case study in film craft: how Colin Firth’s great performance was influenced by the style and technique of director Tom Hooper.

  2. Three little gems

    A trio of uplifting music-tinged movies just right for rental on a cold winter evening.

  3. The farmers and the helicopters

    A potent film about war, hope and memory from a “Viet-kieu” artist.

  4. Salvaging summer

    A bad season for movies was redeemed by several women directors.

  5. Combat docs old and new

    Some of the most powerful war films have been documentaries. You can add a recent movie to the list of all-time greats.

  6. Creator of the long distance runner

    The great writer Alan Sillitoe wrote two of the finest novels to inspire movies ever.

  7. Jazz man

    Sir John Dankworth ranked among the movies’ great composers – and one of the first to bring jazz to the silver screen.

  8. Tim Burton: auteur fantastique

    What makes this director so original?

  9. Wolverine movie makers

    As part of our movie issue, we look at U-M grads who have made a mark in the film industry.