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Talking About Movies

  1. Watching movies: a few tips

    A quick guide to film technique – and why knowing it can make movies even more enjoyable.

  2. Grimness and hope

    Two of the best movies of 2009 gazed at dark realities. But it would be a shame, and a mistake, to dismiss them as mere downers.

  3. Decade's best

    Our film maven looks back at the best movies and big trends of the ’00s.

  4. Tarantino's film history

    The director’s latest film is brutally violent at the same time it joyfully recalls movies of the past.

  5. 100 years ago

    1909 was one of the movies’ most decisive years, shaping what we see on screen and how we see it.

  6. New aesthetic form in Michael Mann's 'Public Enemies'

    For the first time, video outdoes film in a major movie. It might be the start of a revolution.

  7. British writers

    Why are there so many movies about authors from the UK?

  8. David Duke and 'Birth of a Nation'

    How did D.W. Griffith’s film become a recruiting tool for the Ku Klux Klan?

  9. Celebrity Autobiographies

    Most movie star autobiographies are exercises in vanity, but one recent example is wonderful.