Law & Politics

  1. Sotomayor, Baer discuss university of the future

    Bicentennial colloquium packs the house; U-M community reacts to policies of new administration.

  2. In the driver's seat

    The recent fatality involving a semi-autonomous Tesla reveals just how far transportation technology has outpaced solutions in another realm: The legal world.

  3. A father’s story

    For 40 years Barry King, JD ’58, has lived with the mystery of his son’s murder. Now he’s taking his “true-crime” saga to social media.

  4. Episode 5: Totally up for debate, featuring Aaron Kall

    A rambunctious war of words is raging on the political front line while the University of Michigan’s No. 1 debate team reaps the spoils here at home. Listen in, as debate expert extraordinaire Aaron Kall reviews the debate performance of several U.S. presidential hopefuls and gives an update on the U-M team’s upward trajectory.

  5. The life of Dr. Death

    Jack Kevorkian’s archive at the Bentley reveals the life of an artist, composer, and controversial advocate of the right-to-die movement.

  6. Gunning for trouble?

    What happens to democracy when militarized police send signals that dissent is dangerous to security?

  7. A Worthy fight for justice

    Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy, AB ’79, partners with key allies to bring overdue justice to rape victims.

  8. "Price" is just right for Law grad

    When Tim Caballero, ’07, took a friend to see “The Price is Right,” he expected a few laughs. But two cars and a vacation?

  9. A family for Feleke

    When law professor Kyle Logue offered to host an Ethiopian boy who needed medical care in the U.S., he had no idea the experience would change, well, everything.