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Law & Politics

  1. Snyder and other Wolverine alums win office

    Michigan’s governor-elect, U-M triple-alum Rick Snyder, was not the only Wolverine Republican to win a high-level election this month. At least four other alums, including a former football player, were elected to the US House or Senate.

  2. Human Trafficking Clinic to open site in Mexico

    Last month, we told you about the U-M Human Trafficking Clinic, which works to protect the victims of modern-day slavery. Now the clinic, with help from the US State Dept., is opening a new clinic in Mexico. There, law students from U-M and Mexico will work to stop human trafficking from across the border.

  3. The fight to stop modern slavery

    Video: U-M law prof Bridgette Carr is fighting against the world’s second – biggest criminal enterprise.

  4. U-M law clinic frees another innocent man

    The Law School’s Innocence Clinic secures the freedom of a man falsely imprisoned for murder since 2001.

  5. The flap over ‘Flaming Creatures’

    The 1967 on-campus screening of the experimental film epitomized the era: controversy over content that was either “art” or “filth,” battles over academic freedom and angry protests by students.