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  1. Please pass the magic brownies

    The doctor is in . . . At the Michigan News holiday gift exchange in December, I received the booby prize from the one staffer who did not get the memo that gifts were supposed to be “serious.” So instead of the coveted bottle of high-end booze or the fancy French Press, I tore open Read more

  2. Well, that's embarrassing

    There’s nothing like editing a mistake into one of your favorite writer’s copy. . .

  3. #Trypod

    Ever tried to “do the thing you think you cannot do?” It’s exhausting. But in a good way. Right?

  4. Feel free to comment

    It’s not over till it’s over, MT readers. This issue has a great story that continues well into the comments section. Read on!

  5. Hoping for better

    Are kids today just “snowflakes” who need unprecedented coddling?

  6. Theme and variations

    A recurring and unintentional thread about leadership can be found running through this most-recent tapestry of content.

  7. A little harsh against Michigan?

    Heritage writer James Tobin, a three-time U-M alumnus, delivers a story that one reader feels does not belong in a U-M publication. Not surprisingly, Tobin disagrees.

  8. "A spirit of open and civil discourse"

    Discourse, dissent, debate. It’s all good, and it’s all in the Michigan Today “comments” section.

  9. Eyewitness to history

    A dive into the MT archives reveals a treasure trove of photos (circa 1967-70) by award-winning artist and American Hustle editor Jay Cassidy.