Editor’s Blog

  1. Bringing the outside in

    Forget the ivory tower. U-M is all about collaboration in an open-air atrium.

  2. It’s just a number

    Another year ends and I must face a cruel reality. I get older; the students stay the same age.

  3. Go flu

    As flu season kicks up, Jim Tobin reminds us there’s another reason to say “Go Blue.”

  4. Forever young

    Working on a college campus keeps you forever young. (In your mind at least.)

  5. Senior year

    One of the joys I have as editor of ‘Michigan Today’ is hearing from U-M alumni in their golden years.

  6. Summer on campus

    It’s summer in Ann Arbor, and you know what that means: construction, construction, construction.

  7. A little help from my friends

    It’s been 50 years since Woodstock transformed the cultural trajectory of popular music. Were you at Yasgur’s Farm? Do tell.

  8. A gift from the editorial gods

    Storytellers often preface an outrageous tale with the disclaimer: “You couldn’t make this stuff up.” And they’re usually right.

  9. Podcasters’ delight

    Podcasts are popping up all over campus. Here’s a handful we suggest for U-M fans who like to listen.