Health Yourself

  1. Will you get sarcopenia?

    Victor Katch offers preemptive strategies to combat an aging condition that may afflict you.

  2. Who's taking care of the caregiver?

    Victor Katch offers tips for advocates, caregivers, and cheerleaders managing a loved one’s care.

  3. Fit for life: A personal story

    In this very personal column, Victor Katch shares how a friend’s fitness status is helping save his life.

  4. Eat real food, not ingredients

    Which diet is best for you? The one with real, whole foods, says Victor Katch.

  5. You're sweet enough already

    Victor Katch discusses sugars: different types, their origins, and the parts they play.

  6. Chewing the fat(s)

    Victor Katch examines dietary fats: the good, the bad, and the confused.

  7. The protein conundrum

    Victor Katch examines proteins and their use in dietary practices.

  8. Buyer beware!

    Victor Katch looks at industrialized meat production.

  9. Why golf is so important. Really!

    Victor Katch reflects on his 50th Hollywood High School reunion and wonders how his classmates got so old!