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Health Yourself

  1. Should you be eating organic?

    Professor Vic Katch explains what you need to know if you decide to switch to organic foods.

  2. Food and physical activity

    What you need to know about calories, a crucial component in weight control.

  3. Body composition

    People often misuse the terms overweight, overfat, and obese. How do you measure up?

  4. Addicted to food

    Did you know certain foods can be physically and emotionally addicting? Could you be addicted?

  5. Portion distortion

    This month Victor Katch extols the virtues of downsizing—starting with the amount of food on our plates.

  6. How to become calmer, smarter, and happier

    In this month’s column, Victor Katch reports regular physical activity helps build a better brain.

  7. Beware of belly fat

    In this month’s column, Victor Katch hits us where it hurts: right in the gut.

  8. Move more, sit less to enhance optimum wellness

    In this month’s column, Victor Katch has the ideal recipe for well-being: Sit less, move more. A lot more.

  9. Eating to be well

    In this second installment of Dr. Victor Katch’s recurring column, he explores wellness-promoting foods and behaviors.