Health Yourself

  1. Diabetes mellitus

    Here’s what you need to know about the fastest-growing lifestyle-induced disease plaguing the population.

  2. Where’s (sweet) Waldo?

    Victor Katch finds added sugar hiding in the most surprising places.

  3. Mood swing

    Victor Katch divulges the secret to improving one’s mood — and it costs absolutely nothing.

  4. Just say 'no' to sit-ups

    Victor Katch introduces abdominal exercises that outperform the typical ‘crunch.’

  5. Spiritual wellbeing and health

    Victor Katch connects some essential principles of spiritual wellbeing to key health outcomes.

  6. Environmentally speaking

    Victor Katch explains why environmental health is so important for total wellbeing.

  7. Hard core

    Enhancing one’s core strength and stability can help prevent low back disorders and increase wellness.

  8. Gut check

    Victor Katch demystifies the gut microbiome and its relationship to one’s overall health.

  9. Global burden of disease

    Victor Katch asks: How do ultra-processed foods undermine the fight against non-communicable diseases?