Health Yourself

  1. Hard core

    Enhancing one’s core strength and stability can help prevent low back disorders and increase wellness.

  2. Gut check

    Victor Katch demystifies the gut microbiome and its relationship to one’s overall health.

  3. Global burden of disease

    Victor Katch asks: How do ultra-processed foods undermine the fight against non-communicable diseases?

  4. Industry funding: Pros and cons

    Victor Katch discusses how industry funding may lead to conflict of interest, manufactured uncertainty, and weakened policies.

  5. The manufactured sodium controversy

    Does profit take precedence over public health when it comes to dietary salt intake?

  6. Stress-induced inflammation

    Victor Katch describes the links between temperament and inflammation.

  7. Personality, wellness, and disease

    Victor Katch explores how personality traits impact overall health and well-being.

  8. Meditation: A brain changer

    Vic Katch explains the positive impacts that mindfulness meditation can have on your brain and your body.

  9. Close one door — open another

    Victor Katch ponders retirement after 45 years of research and teaching.