Health Yourself

  1. The waiting game

    Victor Katch explores how toxicant exposure over time can lead to illness, disease, and immune disorders.

  2. Responders vs. nonresponders

    Victor Katch explores the reasons why research-proven results sometimes just don’t work for you.

  3. Supplement users, beware

    Victor Katch looks at supplement use and safety, and shares some seals of approval to inform wise purchases.

  4. Drugs versus lifestyle medicine

    Victor Katch compares interventions for people who are combating chronic disease.

  5. Find time to be more active

    Victor Katch explains how reallocating just 30 minutes a day can kick-start a healthy lifestyle in 2015.

  6. Should you be consuming dairy?

    Victor Katch questions benefits and potential risks of dairy products.

  7. The mind drives the mass

    Victor Katch explores how attitudes, perceptions, and expectations impact health.

  8. Will you get sarcopenia?

    Victor Katch offers preemptive strategies to combat an aging condition that may afflict you.

  9. Who's taking care of the caregiver?

    Victor Katch offers tips for advocates, caregivers, and cheerleaders managing a loved one’s care.