Health Yourself

  1. Don't eat this, if you take that

    Victor Katch suggests foods to avoid if you are taking specific medications.

  2. Get real about fake food

    Vic Katch explains how fake food wreaks real havoc on our health.

  3. Fake food

    Tired of hearing about ‘fake news?’ We have a much bigger problem, says Vic Katch.

  4. Pregnancy and physical activity

    Vic Katch explains how a sensible exercise routine can benefit expectant mothers.

  5. Can music heal?

    Victor Katch explores the many benefits music brings to human health.

  6. Diabetes mellitus

    Here’s what you need to know about the fastest-growing lifestyle-induced disease plaguing the population.

  7. Where’s (sweet) Waldo?

    Victor Katch finds added sugar hiding in the most surprising places.

  8. Mood swing

    Victor Katch divulges the secret to improving one’s mood — and it costs absolutely nothing.

  9. Just say 'no' to sit-ups

    Victor Katch introduces abdominal exercises that outperform the typical ‘crunch.’